All Chemicals used are "green" chemicals and are safe for the environment and pets.

Coop's Carpet Cleaning

Community Involvement

Member of the New Palestine Chamber of Commerce since 2015

Supports the New Palestine Lions Club 

​New Palestine Athletic Booster Sponsor


Coop's Carpet Cleaning Process

9 step process

  • Pre-cleaning inspection and measure areas to evaluate the realistic cleaning goals.
  • Vacuum carpet(s)
  • Pre-spray carpet to be cleaned with a sprayer 
  • Groom/rake carpet to agitate the pre-spray to start breaking down soils in the carpet.  Allowing dwell time approximately 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse/extract carpet with hot water extraction using a rinsing agent to leave the carpet at the proper PH level
  • Spotting any stubborn areas/stains
  • Post treat carpet with a stain protector. (DuPont Teflon) This is a wet application applied with a sprayer 
  • Post groom/rake stain protector in the carpet grooming in 2 different directions to effectively adhere to the carpet fibers.
  • Allow carpet ample time to dry to maximize the effectiveness of the stain protection before walking on.